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2 years ago

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Tyrone has tubegals been divorced two years ago by candy shes a stripper at a club then ashes. has Tyrone me many stories about sweet teddy saw his friend and his friends, even strangers he met in chat rooms and arrange to meet with basically what separated Tyrone took me to his exs club where she danced saw in thought, to cool, Tyrone showed me a lot of nude pictures of her and she was nice with a good figure. We sat all night just watching the band dancing and I was so wet and turned on. tyrone finger my pussy under the table, until I come. disappeared into the bathroom and left me alone, when a girl approached me and asked how long he had put Ty knows I told tubegals a couple of weeks, then put it on me Candy says I am with Ty. Candy looked at me and laughed and said he was very to the point. This bothered me, so I went on the hunt to find Dad. When I met him I told him that he had met Candy andwhat he said, seemed angry, called her a whore and bitch. A guy came in and gave him a note from Ty Ty read the note and said I'll wait back here soon and then disappeared into the crowd. I sat alone for about tubegals 15 minutes and stood up so tubegals we went to Ty again. There was a lot of dark rooms, some with people in some sex kisses, I went upstairs, where there is more room when I heard the voice of tubegals Ty, I peeped through tubegals a crack in the door to see sitting at a table with sweet Nickers around his ankles and his legs high and Ty had his head between her legs licking her out, she screamed and groaned, and said, with the most to give his disappearance. Then he rose and turned his jeans pulled down around his ankles Candy 's ass and she screamed and fucks shit graoning hard as he hit her, then she let out a scream, and he shot his load in her ass. I turned around and went back into the club and sat back after it was returned at least 20 minutes before Ty. I never told him what I was looking only to do, but that night in the back of a cab home, we had the best sex ever with the driver, the entire show
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